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I was with the NFU since 2001 until 2017, every year the renewal came through I had to ring up, they would then start a new policy as a new customer and save several hundred pounds.
Now bearing in mind I am in my late 50s with maximum no claims (15years) and an area not known for car theft - none to my knowledge in 30 years. the premium for business use was >£1300 on the FL2, and they wanted an extra £300ish when I "upgraded" to the Ewok.
Hence going with LV <£500 for the Ewok, <£400 for the DS.

Not saying that the NFU aren't better in the event of a claim than LV, but I never found out as I haven't had the misfortune to need to. Tangiers Orange - gone, missing her
Replaced by Ewok what a mistake - now a happy Disco Sport owner

Post #359719 31st Oct 2018 11:49 am
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just renewed the insurance on my Ewok with LV after checking comparisons and them coming in cheapest for me yet again

last years LV premium £417
this years LV quote £453 (and ive gone past the 5years declaration for hitting a deer in 2013!)
after discussions quote £383

that's the cheapest my insurance has been for a good while Very Happy 2012 '62' SD4 Auto Sport LE - Barolo black with black/ivory interior,

Post #366525 15th Feb 2019 3:48 pm
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