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England 2013 Freelander 2 SD4 HSE Lux Auto Firenze Red

I believe Discovery 2 & 3 included Metropolis in their respective model ranges. The MY22 Discovery has a Metropolitan in the line-up.

The Freelander 2 Metropolis replaced the HSE Lux in the final year of FL2 production. 'Interesting' press release here given that production ceased just a few months later….



13 MAY 2014

The Land Rover Freelander is undergoing a comprehensive upgrade this summer, reinforcing the appeal of a model that is still growing in popularity. Capitalising on increasing demand for the compact SUV, new equipment specifications are being introduced that offer customers both extra features and even greater value for money

Post #415850 11th Dec 2021 9:46 pm
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England 2007 Freelander 2 i6 HSE Auto Stornoway Grey

Lakelander wrote:
trw999 wrote:
Metropolis has been used several times in the past by LR for variants of other models.


Ah - didn't know that -thanks. Do you know which models they used it on?

"Metropolis " definition " a very large city "

A very strange name for a Land Rover ?!

The Discovery 2 Metropolis was made in limited batches in Java black only with full premium leather.
The Discovery 3 Metropolis came in grey or black, however the first editions were all black only.
The Discovery 4 Metropolis edition were made in limited batches only for the South American region.
The Freelander 2 Metropolis sold around 1,763 in the UK.

The Metropolis name has been associated with a limited spec in the past and LR have been using this name for some two decades. At the time LR at Halewood said of the FL2 edition that regarding the Metropolis name being used, going from HSE Lux, to HSE Luxury was not a big enough change for the run out model.


Post #415861 12th Dec 2021 9:17 am
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United Kingdom 2011 Freelander 2 SD4 XS Auto Bali Blue

An old thread, but just chipping in. While the Si4 was never offered to the public, Land Rover did keep a few back in the UK (I assume as market clinic cars, or perhaps for staff use). A few have changed hands over the last 4-5 years, so a UK owner might pop up here soon.


Post #438546 17th Jan 2024 10:44 pm
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Wales 2014 Freelander 2 SD4 HSE Auto Aintree Green

Interesting wee thread. I have the FL book too and now understand why I have never had a problem with our headlights (HSE Lux 😁).

When ULEZ was being introduced in the previous phase in London I tried to research options including LPG, petrol and Euro 6 diesel. We’ve kept our SD4 as although the new travel tax costs about £1k pa we drive less so save on fuel, insurance etc to compensate. We’ll start to get hit on parking charges etc next so at some point the environmental benefits of keeping the FL2 may be outweighed by the tax penalties.😡

Post #439138 5th Feb 2024 8:13 pm
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Ukraine 2013 Freelander 2 2.0T SE Auto Fuji White

Very happy with our Si4. Ok it is thirsty for city driving. But I am also carrying 104AH of auxiliary batteries, fridge (on all the time), plus fire extinguishers & other outback equipment, some of it has been handy in the city helping others. One bloke got in a real mess changing a flat tyre. He couldn't get the jack under the car. Three compressors inflated the flat tyre quicker than air was escaping, handy to get jack under car. Wider tyres increase fuel consumption. Another 15kg for the 5 all terrain I normally carry (1 spare), good for our pot hole got tracks. A few dozen kg for all the acoustic insulation.

But it is a nice place to be. Much nicer than my sister's top of the range diesel Evoque. It's a bit like an old cast iron bathtub as compared to a sparbath with views.

I see a few Si4 & Si6 around. Always looking at rear ends! Procrastination, mankind's greatest labour saving device!

Acoustic insulation ARB TPMS 3xARB air compressors After cooler Air tank On-board OCD pressure air/water cleaning Additional 50L fuel Carpet in doors ABE 2x1kg Waeco 28L modified fridge Battery 4x26ah Solar 120w Victron MPPT 100/20 DC-DC 18amps 175amp jumper plug Awning 6x255/60R18

Post #439450 16th Feb 2024 1:52 pm
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