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Lookers of Chelmsford service club

I think I can guess what the collective answer to this post is going to be, but thought I would post it anyway!

I bought a 2014 Metropolis almost one year ago and the time has come for an MOT and 4th service. I contacted Lookers, who didn't sell me the car. to enquire about prices. Quoted £610.46 all included. Was then offered the opportunity to join their service club where the cost would drop to £549.41 but I would have to commit to paying £53.03 per month for the next five years to cover the next 3 x major and 2 x minor services. Apparently, the 9th service normally costs £1500. Total cost £3181.36.

Apparently most of their service clients have opted for this club service.

We have an independent 4 x 4 garage locally who have quoted £358 for the 4th service but I never quite know, or am reassured, that they do the job as well. They don't change the brake fluid or update the satnav for instance.

Your thoughts please!



Post #354731 10th Aug 2018 1:53 pm
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Yorky Bob

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Lookers would charge extra for the brake fluid being done.

Avoid main dealers now as they should at 3 years plus be offering a much reduced rate. They often skip the diesel filters, so you are paying a Censored load of money for an oil change and your tyres blowing up.

If you local independent 4X4 centre is not well thought of find another. Any garage can do a standard service and probably better than the spotty faced youth in the main dealers. FL2 MY10 TD4 GS traded in at 2 years
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Post #354734 10th Aug 2018 2:17 pm
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Or DIY the basic stuff if you have the ability and leave the bigger stuff like cambelt change to an indy?
For example I have done an oil and filter change on mine at 10.000 miles. Bought 10 litres of Millers C1 oil which cost £50 (used 6 so only have to bu 5 litres for the next time) and a genuine oil filter at £8 so not including my time, which costs me nothing, the service cost about £38 and while I did it I change wheels front to rear to even out tyre wear, checked brake pads / discs etc while doing so. Landrover main dealer are looking for £300.71 for a 12 month A service which probably consists of little more than the oil change itself. Rolling with laughter Landrover - turning owners into mechanics since 1948

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Post #354769 11th Aug 2018 8:24 am
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