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My Peugeot 504, I upgraded the four 7" sealed beams with halogen. 55 watt each on the high beam (outer pair) & 120 watts each on the inner pair (high beam only). One could easily feel the heat a few metres in front of the car (would also melt snow!).

I actually had an additional 2 driving lights & a pair of fog lights which I removed as they really didn't make much difference.

A side issue. The voltage meter on the Peugeot dashboard (not digital, too old, but actually had a meter as standard!) would gradually go in the wrong direction! Alternator couldn't keep up. Top end KEF GT100 front, GT200 rear hi-fi with 2 amplifiers, CD (first car model available, a Sony), Van den Hul cable everywhere, the amps didn't help the alternator either!

These days, it's only city driving at night. The crap Freelander headlights are bearable.

Outback travel at night, only an idiot does that. Kangaroos come to mind.

In Western Australia we came across tens of km of road, multiple times, where there were 2 or 3 dead kangaroos every 100 metres. Mother & 1 or 2 young.

They will make a mess of your car. So wouldn't worry too much about outback night driving. Dawn & Dusk also part of the equation. Procrastination, mankind's greatest labour saving device!

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