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Australia 2014 Freelander 2 SD4 SE Auto Indus Silver

Good luck. Having drilled and tapped this hole myself (but with the unit off the car and stripped), the problems are;
1). Creating a smooth surface on the PTU boss face for the sealing washer to bed against.
2). Drilling the hole perpendicular to the smooth face
3). Getting the swarf and tapping cuttings out.

See my earlier posts with internal photos of my stripped PTU - even after drilling this hole, you will not get all the oil out because there 3 compartments at the bottom of the unit. From experience, I found I could suck out (using a soft tube and compressor driven suction/brake bleeder) nearly as much as can be drained out. I now have a different Freelander and would not bother to drill this drain hole.

Post #441188 28th Apr 2024 1:43 pm
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United Kingdom 2014 Freelander 2 SD4 HSE Auto Orkney Grey
PTU Drain Plug

Ok so today after several days of rain we got a dry day and i completed the PTU drain hole & added a drain plug.

This is on TD4 MY 07 Tambora Flame, yet to carry out the same job on the Orkney Grey SD4 MY14.

I had already cleaned and made a flat surface, all will be on my thread of PTU.


6mm Drill hole first then moved up to 8.5mm




Left to completely drain before tapping.





Post #441649 15th May 2024 11:48 pm
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