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Wales 2010 Freelander 2 SD4 HSE Auto Stornoway Grey
NSR Wheel issue

Hi all, today our trusted Freelander went for its MOT, Before we took it to them, i did the usual visual checks, lights, tyres, wiper blades etc. we left the car with them and returned a few hours later, the car had passed but he was trying to explain that the rear NS wheel was not equally aligned, i was a little confused, so he put the car back up on the ramp and showed me the car looking at the rear, the NSR tyre was leaning slightly into the shock (Top) it looked like it had a negative camber, he then jacked the rear of the vehicle up for me to look, i felt for play top and bottom, and play left and right, with no play what so ever, i then checked the alignment washers, on the inner bottom arms and they both looked exactly the same, so i am stumped at the moment as to what is wrong, but we have a Pass, but i want to sort this issue out, any ideas on what you think maybe be the problem? its only one wheel, with no uneven tyre wear. --------------------------------------------------------
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Post #440414 27th Mar 2024 12:31 am
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England 2007 Freelander 2 TD4 GS Manual Baltic Blue

You need a 4 wheel alignment check by someone who knows how to use a Hunter wheel alignment system. Not your local kwik fit or Halfords. ProTyre depots often have them but they are only a little better than kwik fit in my estimation. The Hunter system does all the alignment for rear wheels as well as front. The FL2 has more adjustment than most.

Post #440415 27th Mar 2024 5:24 am
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United Kingdom 2008 Freelander 2 TD4 SE Auto Izmir Blue

And I certainly cannot recommend formula one either, they didn't
tighten everything up,
luckily I had my spannerman service it two weeks after and he spotted
it. DAVE.
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United Kingdom 2009 Freelander 2 TD4 SE Manual Rimini Red

It's normal for the rear wheels to have negative camber, but both sides should be the same. The figure is -1.95° + or - 0.75°.
Mine definitely has a decent amount of negative camber, probably at the maximum setting, but both sides are even. 2009 Rimini Red SE TD4. My daily driver.
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Post #440538 1st Apr 2024 7:51 pm
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