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United Kingdom 2007 Freelander 2 TD4 HSE Auto Barolo Black
P0098 and more codes - All diesel intake system related

Hi all
I'm getting the following codes.

P0098 - intake air temp sensor 2 circuit high input
P0113- intake air temp sensor 1 circuit high input
p02E1 - Diesel intake air flow control -Performance
P02E8 - Diesel intake Air flow position sensor - circuit low
P02E9 - Diesel intake air flow position sensor - circuit high

Now I've replaced the anti shudder valve/throttle body as when I took it off the electronics bit was filled with oil. I've also replaced both the MAF and MAP sensors. I think one of the temp sensors throwing a fault is in the MAF so should have been replaced with that.

There's a pipe that comes from the throttle body to what I think is the PCV assembly that runs along the top of the engine. This seems to be clarted up with oil in various places. Not sure if this is part of the problem.

But hoping people can shed some light on where I should start looking for faults as replacing the sensors seems not to have done much.



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