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United Kingdom 2010 Freelander 2 TD4_e XS Manual Biscay Blue
Suspension Parts

Good morning Advanced Factors.

My car (LR FL2 2010 XS HD59CDV) is going into the garage to have it's suspension renewed all round as well as other work. I have already brought the suspension and am looking to buy all the other bits and pieces that would have perished along it's 150,000 mile life. I'm not massively savvy when it comes to things this in-depth so bear with me a bit. Very Happy

Using this diagram from your website...

Click image to enlarge

I've come up with the following basket...

Click image to enlarge

I've purposefully emitted the front and rear top mount bearings as I'll leave that down to the garage to decide if they are in need of replacing.

A couple of questions if you wouldn't mind helping me.

1. I cannot seem to find part number LR001174 on your site?

2. Would you be able to tell me if I need part number LR005304 or LR029020? I'm guessing it will be LR005304 as it's the only one available on your site?

3. I also cannot seem to find the front bump stop on your site, part number LR001137?

4. Lastly, this is a bit of an open question to anyone that might be reading this. How important is it to renew LR041112 - REAR SHOCK ABSORBER VIBRATION BUSH / DAMPER which comes under part number LR007800 on the image? I only ask as it's quite pricey and am trying to not throw money at stuff that might not need replacing.

Thanks very much for your help with this.

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Post #426000 17th Oct 2022 10:30 am
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Advanced Factors
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United Kingdom 2007 Freelander 2 TD4 XS Auto Stornoway Grey

Good afternoon.

Thanks for your enquiry..

1. LR001174 is only available from Land Rover
2. LR005304 is the correct pn for your year, yours being an AH chassis code.
3. LR001137 is for rear and only available from Land Rover, front is LR001144 (already in your basket)
4. LR007800 is superseded by LR041112 and again only available from Land Rover.

As you say it may be worth seeing what your mechanic says once its up in the air.

Please let me know if you have any further questions. Paul
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Post #426004 17th Oct 2022 12:43 pm
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