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Rear Seat, Middle Seatbelt Jammed

Hi there.
I failed the Test today due to the seatbelt on the rear seat middle position been jammed. To my recollection it was never an issue but the seats were forward for a load recently.

This is the belt which comes straight out of the top of the back rest portion, the two thirds size. The belt is tight and fully retracted. I managed to get some play but no more. I tilted the the backrest forward to gain more slack in an attempt to free it up but it only swallowed the bit I had. I've repeated this a few times but to no avail.

The back portion of the seat is now at 45 deg. and cannot raise any more. I could go down further but I don't want it stuck flat.
The belt is not twisted the mechanism appears good, it bites and holds... just won't let the slack out to allow use.

I did some searches but didnt find a result hence my post.
Anybody seen this happen before, is there a handy quick fix. Do I need to take the back off the backrest, does it even come apart?

With thanks
07 TD4

Post #313096 12th Dec 2016 7:31 pm
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United Kingdom 2013 Freelander 2 TD4 GS Manual Fuji White

Loads of stuff on Google - search seatbelt jammed Thumbs Up;ie=UTF-8 No Longer the owner of a 2013MY Fuji White GS

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Post #313128 13th Dec 2016 11:15 am
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Still Lost in France

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I have the same problem but only when the seat back is not locked upright.

I managed to undo the bottom fixing to enable the seat back to go fully up when the belt worked perfectly.

For now, I've put a clothes peg on the belt to stop it fully retracting if I put the seat down.

Is there some sort of interlock between the belt and the locking catch on the top of the seat?

Post #410525 22nd Jul 2021 3:00 pm
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Malta 2014 Freelander 2 eD4 S Manual Fuji White

Same problem here - same seat.. can anyone share some helpful pointers pls? am struggling to fix!

Update reposted from info found on another forum. Hopefully this helps someone else.

As has been said it is caused when dropping the middle seats and not having the middle belt "plugged" in it then tightens as the seat is returned to upright. It is I learnt caused by a small lever that locks as it thinks the car has tuned over.

I fixed it as follows:-

- prise off seat back carefully, being careful not to break or loose the clips.
- undo the bolt under the seat belt recoil unit.
- lift out the unit carefully, ensuring that it does not pull in more belt, there is a retaining lug at the top.
- once out hold the unit parallel to the upright seat, it will be tilting backwards slightly. This will release the locking leaver.
- carefully pull out the belt web until you are able to plug he buckle in.
- refit he unit, locating the retaining lug and then the bolt (I found that by tumbling the seat this was easier).
- ensure you bolt to the correct touque.
- refit the seat back

This has worked for me so hopefully will help someone else. Don't forget to always ensure the middle belt is plugged in each time you tumble the seats in future

Post #424727 28th Aug 2022 4:13 pm
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