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Getting Check Engine Light

Hi all I’m getting a check engine light and trying to figure what’s wrong. Any direction would be great — also want to make sure my mechanic doesn’t try to rip me off since being in the city they over charge a lot. Here at the fault codes I pulled:
1.1 P2096-00
1.2 P2099-00
1.3 P2105-00
1.4 P0420-00
1.5 U0167-00
1.6 P0562-00
1.7 P0506-36
1.8 P2118-00

Post #421242 14th May 2022 6:13 pm
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United Kingdom 2014 Freelander 2 SD4 SE Auto Firenze Red

Have you tried clearing all the codes and then seeing which comes up first ? - might help in locating the problem area. Jules

Post #421253 14th May 2022 10:26 pm
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United States 2008 Freelander 2 i6 SE Auto Tambora Flame

Freel2 is an excellent site for LR2 owners like yourself

However most of the Freel2 community is Diesel powered

The 3.2 in your LR2 is shared with Volvo and you may want to take a look at MVS Volvo Forum

For me personally I have the following

2008 LR2 3.2 (Owned for 14 years)

2010 S80 3.2 (owned for 3.5 years)

Here is what I would do in your situation

Start with

P0562 code is stored when the PCM (powertrain control module) detects a vehicle voltage that is lower than requested. If the vehicle voltage level dips below 10.0 volts for 60 seconds or more while at idle, the PCM will store the code

Here is what I would do if I had this code

1. Charge the battery

2. Do a hard reset (Remove Battery+ and Battery- and leave off for 30 minutes, then reconnect)

3. Clear the codes if they are still present

4. Run the Engine and confirm that the alternator is generation 13.6 Volts to 14.6 Volts at idle (The pulley can wear out and prevent the alternator from spinning which will prevent the output at idle from being in the range)

5. Load test the battery - the auto parts store can likely do this for you (Replace as needed)

Reply here with you findings

Or you can post your question on MVS

I am P_Gill here on FREEL2 and PGILL on MVS

But my friends just call me Paul

PS in case you haven't figured it out the Engine needs more than 10 Volts to be happy. My LR2 would occasionally drain the battery but not since I disconnected and bypassed the Satellite Radio Module and the Bluetooth Module. I can help point you in that direction if everything above checks out first.

Post #421255 14th May 2022 11:06 pm
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