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Various car electrical problems

Hi I did post my vehicles problems (FR2 2013) under a different topic but trying under technical now. My reversing camera intermittently works (very intermittently), no parking sensors ( thou door mirror active when in reverse), no audio, no nav. Displays on unit not in bold. I've replaced the touch screen head unit (s/hand) and the problem is still there. All fuses removed/tested and replaced. Connectors opened and closed too, no change.

I believe it might be a MOST defect and I believe the component's need a signal "in" which then passes to the next component if working. I understand you can link out the defective item to prove the cct. Can anyone help with this problem and list where these components are fitted please?

There is a signal being generated by the head unit and can be seen in the fibre optic cable in the front passenger footwell (UK) but after that I don't know where is goes. Any help would be most appreciated.
Many thanks

Post #408902 10th Jun 2021 5:50 pm
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if i was you i would get the codes read to see if that brings up anything rather than stabbing around in the dark.

a dodgy parking sensor or sensor wiring on the front can cause the rear camera and other bits not to work, getting the codes read would either confirm its a dodgy sensor, rule it out, or point you in the right direction.....hopefully. Whistle

good luck with tracking it down

Post #408920 11th Jun 2021 7:17 am
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