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[quote="SWalker"]going to be controversial here - i have a set secure well on the Mirror - cant mind what make, they have rubber straps that go round the housing, never use them they are a distraction. shakey image takes my eyes off the road too long, I would rather concentrate on reading the road than trying to figure out what is, or is not in that extra foot i can see behind me.
Don't know about Northern Ireland but it is potentially a £1000 fine and three points if caught* without mirrors that meet the prescribed field of vision. Nothing to do with an extra foot behind - all to do with the blind spot alongside.

A decent set of mirrors are inexpensive, won't vibrate distractingly and take seconds to fit. A £1000 fine would pay for a lot of diesel and nights out with the caravan but each to their own - mind that silly cyclist in your blind spot. Very Happy

*Towing offences are easy work for Mr Plod - busy caravan routes are a rich source of offenders.

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your right, out for the first this weekend will give them another go and see, how many points is it for a cyclist, points mean prizes right? lol Stewart
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