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Caravan and Motorhome theft.

Just thought I would post about the recent break in at the storage site where our caravan is kept. We had an email from the caravan club site manager telling us there had been a forced entry and 6 outfits had been stolen. the police found 3 of them very quickly and made some arrest. many other outfits were also broken in to and damaged. We were one of the lucky ones and we are told they can see no damage or it has been broken in to. (because of covid-19 they requested we didn't visit ourselves)

The site is very secure with a ramp type barrier set in the road and locked gates as well as having staff living on site. these scumbags actually went to a great deal of effort though. They crossed an adjacent field on a farm, made a temporary bridge over a very wide and deep ditch and then cut through the security fence and had sufficient vehicles to tow outfits away.

I have since heard from others about the rise in Caravan and Motorhome theft during the lockdown. so with that in mind and albeit a little late (happened on 23rd Apr), thought I would post this as a warning to others with Caravans / Motorhomes in storage that are locked away because we are unable to use them at the moment. 2007 TD4 XS The work horse that earns its up keep
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Post #390890 7th May 2020 2:49 pm
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Do you think they might have been travellers Whistle Whistle

We had a chap wearing the ubiquitous orange tabard rapping on the door this morning. Good morning said he , we are just doing a tree trimming job up the lane and wondered if you might want some work done. A new slant on the tarmac scam me thinks but there again I am naturally cynical. Smile MY 09 GS manual in Lago Grey, Wood Co arm rest and side bumper strips - now sold.

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Post #390891 7th May 2020 2:58 pm
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Worked as a gardener many years ago and on visiting a regular customer found her neighbour with her previously healthy tree felled in the front garden. Seems the 'working just up the road' brigade had knocked suggesting said tree needed pruning; being elderly she didn't know otherwise and paid them, they simply took a chainsaw to the trunk, watched it fall over and walked off. Left her with the tree in the front garden and a trunk about 5 foot.

Post #390893 7th May 2020 3:18 pm
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Had a similar visit last year with offers of doing work on trees. Chap could not identify the species of trees he was talking about, was wearing some protective equipment, but not what is suitable for chain-saw work, and kept going on about his efficiency and experience. He did leave rather abruptly when I told him the chain on his saw (which should have been in a cover anyway) was on the wrong way rond! Everyone can spread it - Anyone can catch it. Stay home - the life you save can be your own!

Post #390895 7th May 2020 5:00 pm
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97 vehicles stolen from one site over lockdown weekend Jules

Post #390901 7th May 2020 7:23 pm
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Up my road a few weeks ago at the beginning of the lockdown, one resident had their Audi taken off the drive. The thieves used a cordless angle grinder to cut the wheel lock off. It took them several minutes to achieve this, all the time they were being filmed on cctv while the owner was on the phone to the police. The response ? "What do you want us to do ? They'll be gone by the time we get anyone there and there's a lockdown so car thefts just aren't a priority."
Seems car thieves are exploiting the lockdown to their advantage, stealing to order.
In January I called the police as I had just avoided being hit by a driver pulling out of a side road. Luckily it was 23.45 so the roads were dead. The car pulled out, luckily I had anticipated this so I hit the brakes, the car was immediately followed by a motorhome. Both sped off leaving me stationary and cussing their recklessness. The road I was on leads to a duel carriageway, which was around 100 yards further on than where I was stopped. By the time I reached the dual carriageway, both the car and motorhome passed in the opposite side of the carriageway. It was just too obvious they were in tandem and the motorhome was stolen. By the time I'd managed to get to the point on the dual carriageway I'd seen them, they were way off in the distance, suggesting they must really be gunning it.
I called 101 and told them what had happened and that I had both reg numbers on my dashcam. Reaction ? Is it your motorhome ? N0 ? Sorry, better things to do . I responded by telling them that the reg numbers could be circulated . Again, not interested. So my parting shot was that if they took the registrations down, if the owner reported the motorhome stolen in the morning, then I had dashcam footage including both drivers faces. Again, still not interested.

Post #390904 7th May 2020 9:05 pm
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It seems that thieves are latching on to the fact that lots of cars are off the road at the moment and some are being left unattended for long periods.

This story from New Zealand illustrates the point.
It must have looked like the heist of their dreams. A whole yard full of well-maintained rental vehicles, all lined up, unlocked and ready to go - with the keys inside.
So, under cover of New Zealand's exceptionally strict virus lockdown, a group of thieves went to work.

PS sorry Jules Just noticed your link (I was too busy reading the other longer stories) FL2 XS SD4 Auto 2010 2012-2017 (21k - 91k miles) (MY2011)
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Post #390912 7th May 2020 10:45 pm
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I have plastered CCTV camera's 3MP HD all around the house, 4 at the front ( one very obvious near front door which couldn't be avoided by a caller ) , 2 down each side and 2 across the back and LED lighting on sensors at night, about 4 years ago.
I have to admit best thing ever as haven't had any door knockers since and no suspicious callers.
even though was had 8 mtr twin axle van on front not been a problem , although it used to attract attention before all the cameras.
So for me great deterrent, also have couple of hidden cameras that take video on a 64GB card ( on a loop and saves about 2-3 previous months ) and the quality is astounding and are fitted at face level and anyone approaching would have to walk past them at face level.Work in colour day & night
CCTV loads to a remote server so all secure if someone was stupid enough to break in and take the box. Jaguar x-type sport gone
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Post #390930 8th May 2020 6:05 pm
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Nice... if you don’t mind, I’m not moving there. I live in the centre of the city. I rarely lock up anything. Nothing ever goes missing or gets vandalized... and isn’t that the way it’s supposed to be?? Guy Pensa
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Post #401477 21st Dec 2020 1:57 pm
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