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Transmission slip

The transmission has been stalling or slipping lately too. It is totally random, although I have noticed it starts after it is warm. You will be driving,” usually upon accelerating from a stop light or entering the interstate, but it’s like it jumps into neutral, RPMS reve up and then it will catch the gear. i have got where I can catch it and immediately let of the gas and it catches the gear. What do you think, sensor or CVT transmission messing up.

Post #399223 2nd Nov 2020 3:44 am
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England 2010 Freelander 2 TD4_e GS Manual Santorini Black

If you give us some vehicle details we might be able to help

Post #399227 2nd Nov 2020 8:38 am
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I had exactly this on a Citroen XM auto back in the 90's where it started going into neutral between changes and then catch the gear, it got steadily worse and eventually started staying in neutral unless I slacked off first as you seem to be doing. It had done about 50k miles and was under warranty and the dealer sent the box off to a local specialist for rebuilding rather than go through the hassle and delay of getting a replacement in from France. When I got it back it was OK but never really as good as it had been originally. Strange thing was that I rarely drove it around town and was mostly used as a motorway cruiser so it was hardly worn out. 3 x FL1 2 manual + 1 auto no real problems
FL2 S 08 reg 100k no problems
FL2 S 10 reg Gearbox, clutch, throttle body, drive shaft, steering reservoir
FL2 GS 60 reg xfer box, diff and wheel bearings
FL2 GS 11 reg gearbox ,hesitation, exhaust sensors, wiper stalk,
FL2 XS 14 reg SD4 Auto , door lock problem @ 29k

Post #399229 2nd Nov 2020 9:10 am
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