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Stuartc wrote:
Actually that’s quite an easy question to answer.
In the case of the surround camera system the most logical reason they didn’t offer it on the MY13 facelift is the cost to redesign the plug system which allows the electrical to get through the front doors to the door modules. Because of the design, which really goes back pre 2007 there was no allowance to pass the HSD lines through without a complete redesign of plugs and door frames. I know this as I had to come up with an alternative solution, which I did ☺️
Even though L359 has the hardware and software some things were not feasible to change mid life.
But for me just means scratching the head and coming up with a work around.

so even though at lot of the software and hardware was changed on the MY13 to match the Evoque which had had these options (included BSM) from its 2011 launch, they couldnt redesign the connectors etc to allow these options ? still seems crazy to me when they did such a major electrical facelift at that point but oh well... im away from FL2 now and into a mid range Discovery 4 and after that who knows Rolling Eyes 2011 D4 XS 8 speed - Orkney Grey, 2014 front end facelift, black pack, rear camera, 4x4 info, timed climate
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Post #382085 2nd Dec 2019 1:30 pm
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Very impressive Stuart, Bow down
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Post #382091 2nd Dec 2019 3:38 pm
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RogB wrote:
still seems crazy to me when they did such a major electrical facelift at that point

JLR didn't intend to can the FL2 when they did, hence the major architecture uplift 1.5/2 years before end of production.

The FL2 was meant to run into at least 2016 if not 2017, but the demand for the Evoque was through the roof, and the margins on an Evoque far greater. Part of the preferable margins was that Evoque customers where happy to pay a handsome premium for a lot of these features Stu has retrofit, that I don't think Freelander customers would have paid for.

Post #382120 2nd Dec 2019 10:23 pm
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So I’ve had enough time using the surround system fully and I just wanted to clarify some previously mentioned points but not done so.
This “softkey” I use on a daily basis and is a great aid and additional over the std reverse camera I’ve had from new circled in yellow.

Click image to enlarge

This changes the view to a very wide angle which allows you to see any “cross traffic” when reversing out of any position when you have either cars or walls either side not allowing the driver to see any oncoming cross traffic.

As mentioned with the front cameras it allows me to see oncoming traffic you’d normally be blind to and will tie in nicely with the BSM I’m fitting which also features “Rear Cross traffic” radar alerts both visual and audible warnings.

Front cameras now allow me to see virtually under the front bumper. Bit hard to show you and maybe my rear ROW not the best example but if you notice the headlights cutoff you can see clearly how far back from the cutoff beam you can see and that’s without panning the camera. Very useful for placing front wheels for any incoming obstacles.

Click image to enlarge

You can either PAN a single camera or via other options like proximity view, T- junction etc the cameras are already pre-panned dependant on option and I find just selecting one camera and “enlarging” is the easiest way.

Last of all is the “Rear Camera” softkey in the Park-aid screen which funny enough disappears when the CCF is set up for surround cameras.

I now know why!
Originally I had the CCF set up for just my original CAN camera which meant when you selected the “rear camera” softkey it went to a blank screen as the original CAN camera is told to turn off by the BCM once out of reverse. The surround camera system runs all the time fed by cameras on a LIN. So basically if you don’t want the full camera system you can have the use of the rear camera with a single IPMB Camera Module and LIN camera. Only downside, if really that much of a downside is that this feed will only be available whilst the Park-Aid system is active ie Reverse Selected or Activated Via Dash Button and below 15kph. Once over 15kph the system is rendered dormant by the BCM so basically software design.

Hope this makes sense🤔 and hindsight is a wonderful thing, lol.

Ps Yes I know my rear ROW gets a lot of Camera Work but I know I’m less likely to be fined or get in trouble with the authorities with a mobile phone in my hands whilst driving! MY15
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Post #382985 21st Dec 2019 8:00 am
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