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Rufford Ford

the same things happens every year in this ford, its clearly marked with depth markers and yet people think they are invincible

maybe you are if you drive a RRS or similar Thumbs Up Laughing 2011 D4 XS 8 speed - Orkney Grey, 2014 front end facelift, black pack, rear camera, 4x4 info, timed climate
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Post #373448 12th Jun 2019 10:14 am
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Hate to admit this, but it was funny at the time - me and my mate back in around 1992 went to a ford somewhere in the Birmingham area (Hall Green springs to mind).
Anyway, I was riding pillion on my mates motorbike when he decided it might be a laugh to go across the footbridge and come back through the ford which was flooded. After doing this a few times, the initial euphoria was starting to wear off, especially considering how wet we had become. But then , after riding over the footbridge for what would be our last ride through the ford, some yuppy type pulls up in a brand new BMW , winds the window down and starts to give us a load of mouth about being scum bikers and riding over the footbridge. Now, normally we'd have responded in a less than gentlemanly way, but knew the guy was now positioned to cross the ford, so my mate pulls along side him and says the only reason for using the footbridge was due to the flooded ford, not to cause trouble or mayhem for bridge users on foot and that we didn't appreciate people like him portraying bikers as negative stereotypes, based on nothing more than trying to avoid floodwaters.
The guy apologised and we accepted his apology, much to the relief of his wife who looked scared to death.
We asked the guy if he was going to attempt to cross the ford , but he said it looked too deep so he would have to turn around and find another way as he and his wife were on their way out to some posh do for the evening and were already late. My mate pipes up that while riding over the footbridge, it didn't look too flooded (despite the level markers). So we said we'd go through the ford and if we made it on a motorbike, then his brand new BMW would have no problem. So we did . Came back over the footbridge again and reassured the driver it would be safe to cross - which he did, promptly stalling half way across !! We rode past him calling him everything under the sun, stopping the other side to shout even more expletives at him as his wife was screaming at him too. We decided to beat a retreat, laughing as we went.
I often wondered how that guy got the car out, what he said to his insurance and whether his wife forgave him for ruining their night out !

Post #373474 12th Jun 2019 5:57 pm
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There is a ford on the Yorks Lancs boundary near Foulridge , in fact it’s about 60 or 70 yards of single track cobbled “ Lane “ so you go along it not across at right angles , a nightmare if you meet someone coming the other way . A few years back we approached it carefully in my mate’s Mitsubishi pickup , to have a look at the level gauge . We saw it looked high so we wouldn’t have proceeded . The little yellow car , stuck in the middle , with water half way up the doors , no signs of the driver was another pointer that it was impassable Rolling with laughter 2009 GS Auto Zermatt Silver - Halifax winter necessity.
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Post #373479 12th Jun 2019 7:53 pm
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