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Reverse parking sensor interface to none standard radio

Hi all, I was wondering if someone who has already fitted an interface to a non-standard radio would comment on how it works out in practice please.

My 2009 FL2 has the CD 400 radio which is perfectly acceptable for what it is but I am wondering whether I might upgrade it to some Thing different and none standard in the future.

One thing that would really annoying me is losing the reversing sensor function. Not because I need reversing sensors I’ve always relied on the mirrors for that but it would bug me that they weren’t operational.

I’ve seen a few manufacturers Sell a unit that seems to intercept the canbus message and somehow interfaces that to an after market radio., I’m guessing someone here will have tried one and it would be interesting to read what it actually does. I did think about writing a bit of Arduino code to read the parking signal messages and send them to the telephone input on the head unit which wouldn’t be too hard but if the already available modules/cables function well then why not use one. I did read on another form that one such a cable just interrupted the speaker cables and introduced some bleeps into them which on the face of it sounds okay but the sudden cut of the audio and the sudden return of the radio audio apparently sounded very harsh (again that would annoy me 😀)

TIA regards Paul

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