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CCF data from MY13 cars with xenons

Hello Freel2 owners Very Happy ,

I've taken a trip over from the to ask a favour. I'm after some CCF readouts that might help me set up the new style xenons in the D4 as at the moment the flash doesn't work when main beam is off when retrofitted to pre-My14 models.

These MY14 Xenons are very much like the ones in your MY13 cars (See image) and I know someone has got the flash D4 working with just coding updates but seems coy about sharing that to the wider public (thanks JAS Landrover Rolling Eyes ).

So what I am after is a copy of your CCF from a Freel2 with the Xenon signature lights to see if there is any setting that is similar to my D4 that I could try out with the help from Pat at Gap if it doesn't already exist.

thanks in advance Bow down Thumbs Up


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Post #368412 14th Mar 2019 9:45 pm
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