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Thermarest sleeping mat upgrade!

I bought a new Thermarest LuxuryMap regular size sleeping mat. Have been using two 25mm mats for some time but the first mat I bought 25 years ago has given up the ghost! The second one is a decade old but still perfectly ok. A slow leak & the foam has started to delaminate from the skin.

I would have liked a larger size but it has to be the regular so it fits in the car & hiking tent. The other half has a 35mm mat & will use the 25mm as well, so 60mm total thickness. Putting them side by side, even though the LuxuryMap is 75mm thick, it has a much better comfort level than the 35mm & 25mm combined. It really has a nice feel. Not quite as bulky as I was expecting. Remember not to blow them up too hard!

Found it here for a good price, freight was a bit dear but still cheaper than typical Sydney prices! Procrastination, mankind's greatest labour saving device!

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