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Aussie Battler

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Australia 2009 Freelander 2 TD4 SE Auto Stornoway Grey
black smoke

Traveling from Naracortte to Ballarat last last week a trip of about 350km towing a tandem trailer with a light load the fl2 was not shifting into 6th when it should ,then I noticed a slight surging when in 5th gear and black smoke following me when the engine was at around 2000rpm ,manually shifted into 6th and surging stopped and smoke almost disappeared . Stopped and checked the trailer bearings ect for heat but they were ok .I kept going as there was no great loss of power and no alarms but slowly power was getting less . I contacted a local garage that specializes in European vehicles including LR and explained the problem ,He thought it might be the EGR valve or the turbo control valve ,I still had about an hour to travel so he said to come in as soon as I got to Ballarat and he would plug it into his box and find out what was wrong. When I got there He took it in and plugged it in and checked the read out ,We were a bit baffled by the fact that it was smoking in 5th but not 6th but when the results came up as intermittent low boost and a look under the bonnet it was as simple as a cracked turbo hose . there was enough boost for 1600 rpm but not enough for 2000 rpm . I had to return the next day so he removed it and taped it up with duct tape and got me home charged me $50 . I am thankful to Paul at Easons automotive as he fitted me in when he was busy and was quite happy to discuss the problem with me as he was diagnosing and repairing .

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Always good to hear some positive feedback no matter where it is.

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Common fault on these vehicles I am led to believe. If the budget can stretch to it, replace it with silicone hose - they last longer (allegedly). Glad you got it sorted.

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