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Intermittent starting

I went through all information I could find and I did have most of the symptoms discussed by most people.
Press the button system, check OK no start, tryed 5 times no start then on 6th time it started ,, then after no start again so i got the AA man round he cleared fault codes and one mention of steering lock not speaking to immobiliser as well as a few other bits and bobs so I booked it in to an independent landrover specialists who couldn't get me in for a week. unfortunately I needed the motor vehicle because the birth of my second grandchild was imminent , so first I got a kit to repair solenoid on my starter motor which didn't look that bad to begin with put it all back together and guess what no start 3 presses of the button and then it started twice.then it stopped again I was stuck, flummoxed. and then I realised as I was pressing the button I could hear a click as everyone else has and realised that my radio was telling me that I got a low battery then realised it must be using power but where would so much power be going in the end , so in the end changed complete starter motor for a new one never looked back started on the button every time so some error messages can be deceptive .

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