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Great Friendly service

After getting my Land Rover insurance quote, i did the normal, ring them up and ask why they are sending me a joke letter with a stupidly high premium, their reason is We use Genuine Parts if we need to repair your car

So I amended a couple of things, took my late father off the policy etc and got a slightly less stupid quote

Compared the Market and have 2 for one cinema tickets thrown at me, for the two days i am normally busy, and haven't used them since i took them up on the offer for my wife's car

Yesterday I rang A-Plan and received a answer from a person, not a email from a meerkat and spoke about the requirements from the policy, nice friendly chat and came back with a good price, good enough to class my Road Tax as Free for the year compared to LRI's premiums

Great service and will be calling them soon to take them up on their offer Thumbs Up Former Mod/Member, with the most post & Chicken George Arch nemesis

Post #328733 8th Aug 2017 9:04 am
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A-Plan Insurance
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Thanks for the feedback ... I will pass it on to the team Thumbs Up A-Plan Insurance
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Post #328869 10th Aug 2017 10:27 am
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